Robot & Robotnik
In “Robot & Robotnik” artgame we employ the combination of technologies AR and EEG for the users immersion and interaction. AR helps to invoke the brain processes capable of binding the real and virtual dimensions, influencing the perception of space where our own mind locates us. EEG establishes a communication channel of the double sense between the artwork and the viewer. The user has the influence on the course of the game, while the actions within the game causes the changes of the user's mental state.
The the interactive element of the game is elicited by the EEG data, so we define it as a “Neuro-ARt-Game”. The game features the robot characters and humans’ characters - “Robotnik”, which means “worker”. The human characters have a different morphology which represent a whole humanity. The robots are designed as a cold metallic entities which possess a primitive artificial intelligence. They share the same virtual space on a round scenario, simulating a circular theater, where the user can move freely and observe the installation from 360 degrees. The characters play their role depending on the mental state of user, which has the power to maintain the state of peace or war between the humans and robots. The state of meditation grants the peaceful behavior and the high attention level in addition to the lack of meditation induce the characters to persecute each other.

Rabbit Mind Runner

Un proyecto que explora las posibilidades del Neuro-Art-Game. Proponemos la introducción de electroencefalogramas como sustitución de los controles habituales que encontramos en los videojuegos tradicionales, dejando de lado el Joystick para primar la interacción neuronal entre obra y usuario. 
El juego propone una serie de carreras mentales, donde el usuario adopta el avatar de un  personaje representado por un conejo virtual, introduciendo al usuario en el mundo animal, donde sus adversarios son animales, los cuales aumentan o disminuyen la dificultad del juego en función de las actividades motoras y/o mentales de dichos animales. 


0.1 Avian Flu

Web application we use as a GameArt -Web .

This application is the paradox where we take the media in relation to avian influenza, scaring the population. Saying, aaahhhh care coming Avian Flu? . The compared to the Spanish flu of 1918, when it actually comes to be very similar to the normal flu virus that initially has to mutate to affect humans . Actually exists a number of pharmaceutical companies that want to promote the sale of mayor number of vaccines. Using a fear and panic is the only way that the vaccines can be sold en masse through the states , and had come to increase sales by over 250%.

For more ironic designs have chosen the design made by a child under 5 years and we have transformed it into 3d characters .

The work is in a beta version ,so currently only has one level. The game itself is developed upside down than expected, the player is not a chicken that has to escape the virus, but a virus has to infect chickens, and if it infects all chickens, it wins.


Rabbit Mind Runner -Neuro-Art-Game
Speherical video


Avian Flu. Game-Art
Spherical video